Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm back

So I had a good weekend away and the assessment was not as scarey as I feared it would be. We will see when I get my mark whether that is false security!! I managed to keep talking to my role playing counsellee and I did find out some stuff about her life that I think was helpful. My questions were openish and we did talk about her feelings rather than just gather facts. time now to leave that behind and start revising for the exam.

I did use all my breaks and time off, not to mention train journeys for knitting so I almost finished my knitting olympic project, I got the body, 1st sleeve and 4 inches up the second sleeve done. So no gold medal for me but far enough on to keep going and finish the cardi. I liked knitting the body in one piece and I chose to do the sleeves on a circular needle too so that will minimise the sewing up. I've been working more on 2nd sleeve today so hopefully the cardi will be wearable by the weekend.

I'm getting a little nervous about the exam so the mac (rain not computer) refurb may have to wait!! However I have arranged to borrow some books as I'm too late in getting relevant ones from the library so that should help me next weekend. After 10th March I have 4 weeks off so I think I'd better save big sewing projects for then. However I have a friend's birthday this weekend and My husband's next week so I will need to do some stuff for both of them!!

I must mention my fantastic friend Tom, who is a chiropractor and is able to sort my back and shoulders, but he is also a computer whizz and my laptop is back and functioning well thanks to him and his amazing skills, so he is my top dog at the moment!!

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