Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I'm cross, very cross

Hey, I have just listened to a podcast on Woman's hour from 16/9/10 a discussion between Vicky Simister of the London anti-harassment campaign and a guy called Brendan O'Neill. They were talking about why young girls don't like being wolf-whistled and sexual innuendos made about their body and appearance in public by groups of young men. Brendan didn't see how these kinds of taunts were as unacceptable as racist taunts would be!! He felt that to stop men doing this would curtail their freedom of speech rights!! I'm speechless and I'm not often that, I can tell you!

I have always hated this kind of behaviour cos I was never sure it was directed at me, and even if it was, it made me feel uncomfortable. I'm older now and it isn't ever directed at me but times have changed and the kinds of things that are shouted are much more explicit and more intimidating, if the stories we heard on the programme are anything to go by. Also it is often a group of men and a lone female. So putting aside the sexist issues here, which I do agree are very important, when did it become right and libertarian to protect one group's freedom of speech by allowing them to make individuals feel at least uncomfortable and more likely unsafe and vulnerable.

I'm sorry this is a bit of a rant but I can't believe that a young man in today's society is still so blinkered. When talking about human rights, and freedom of speech is one of those, there is always balance and compromise because we live in a society together and one person's freedom may mean someone else's restriction and we must weigh the importance of these things. When "banter" means physical fear and discomfort then we have to say it is wrong and must be curtailed so that everyone can feel at ease on our streets!

Quite frankly I think this is an issue of common decency as much as it is a feminist issue. If one persons actions make another uncomfortable then it is wrong no matter what!!

Follow this link and see what you think and let me know.

Monday, 20 September 2010

What a great Summer!!

So I'm back now after a long summer break, with lots of news, for those of you who read my ramblings. I still can't really believe that anybody does, but thanks to those of you who do!!

Me, the tune-king and all 3 lovely doggins had a fantastic holiday in our motor home touring Scotland. I think its the best holiday we've ever had, something I do say most years!! But this year I really,really mean it, it was so relaxing and we loved motor home living, it was comfy and cosy and fantastic to have everything with you when you go out for the day, cup of tea when you like, get lunch when you want it and no packing up sarnies !! Then if it rains you park up, read the paper and when it stops you are ready to get out and go for a walk, I can't think of anything better, you can keep your 5*hotels, me I'm a motor home girl. We were able to be away for 3 weeks which we have never managed before and I highly recommend that too, even the tune-king completely relaxed until at the end of our holiday, I backed the motor home back onto our drive, a tricky operation that seemed to raise his stress levels a tad, talk about steam and ears!!

As you know I'm always fighting the flab, well I have to report a successful fight is taking place, I have lost over a stone since January (some of those lbs have been lost twice!) and I still seem to be losing. My clothes are fitting much better, I still have a way to go but I'm going to get there. I'm sure walking the dogs much more often is helping, and I certainly feel much better, no huffing and puffing on the mildest of slopes now and I can walk much faster than before, one day I may even keep up with the tune-king.

The other thing to report is that I passed my counselling certificate with merit and I had my first graduation!!

I did do quite a bit of knitting over the summer, 2 shawls that both need blocking, so pics soon,
and this cardi , which is Rosalind by a mingled yarn. I knitted it in Rowan cotton perle, a lightweight DK, which was perfct for this pattern as it makes a heavy weight garment without it being bulky. I was also lucky enough to be near Stirling for the last weekend of knit camp, where I was encouraged to spend what I liked, honestly I was and I did spend a bit and got some lovely yarns, several sock weights, which may be christmas socks for some folks, another shawl for me and I have just purchased an armwarmer pattern from yarnissima, which I have some gorgeous, cashmere/silk mix yarn from Artisan yarns, in purple, so photos of that coming when I've knitted them!!

Here are a couple of friends I met and had lunch with who were also wearing Leisl cardis!! Three in a row for lunch!! It was great to see how different they all looked as we had all chosen different yarn, it has inspired me to make another in DK yarn and see how that turns out.

I am failing on the self stitched september, I'm afraid, I had such plans to sew lots before I went away but I did enjoy doing not much and also I had joined fatty club (slimming world really!!) and so didn't want to waste fabric and effort if I was going to get smaller. however I did make a dress from curtain fabric that looked very Cath Kidston, I used celeste from burdastyle. The pattern was great it was easy to fit and really flattered my figure and I wore it to my niece's wedding but somehow, I missed getting a photo of me!!! Now that I have got into a size that I think I will remain for a bit even while losing, I'm going to attempt the bella trousers from burdastyle. They are a wide leg high waist style and I think I will be able to carry them off now that I have less of a belly!! If I can't I'll just wear long tops til I can!!

If any of you are new to sewing I do recommend the burdastyle site, they have some free patterns which you can download and print without leaving home!! It does mean they are printed on A4 paper so you have to do a bit of piecing together before you can start but I find they are great size wise and you can find links to other people who have made that design and so can see a variety of fabrics and sizes as well as how they have added their own touches for individuality!!