Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lovely time

Well its a while since I blogged anything, but have been having a great time being lazy, visiting friends and getting a new doggins!! Rosie joined our family about 2 weeks ago, and although she was very quiet and timid to start with she is finding her feet now and is a bundle of energy!! This is her settling down on the sofa but when we go out for walks she whizzes round and round jumping over my other 2 boys and sometimes just jumping for sheer joy!! All 3 dogs are getting on very well, she was very submissive to start with and knows her place with them now so that has helped. However, she now wants them to play and as they are quite old they feel this is beyond their dignity!! She rolls around in front of and often on top of them!! She licks their faces and nips their heels which Finny , my elderly Spaniel takes in good part but he is top dog and sure of it so just pushes her away!! Jinski, my Shih-Tzu, sees it as a definite affront to his dignity and tries not to even notice she is there!!
Anyway enough of sounding like the mad dog-woman!!

Not much making has gone on here, chez bagqueen, I have done a bit with my lucet and made some cords but haven't raised the energy to add the fixings to turn it into anything useful!! I've done a bit of knitting but not finished anything and I'm quilting my Happy Campers piece, ready to be a cushion for the van, when we go away in 2 weeks. In fact, when I have been sitting watching TV I have been doing just that sitting!! Not like me at all!! But there is something else not like me I have been walking!!! Partly because of Rosie's arrival and partly because I have finally joined Fatty Club, again!!! They prefer to call it Slimming World but I know what it really is and if I wasn't a fatty I wouldn't be there!! Having said that, it is the most successful diet for me, I have lost before on it and it's working again now! I have lost 5 and 1/2 lbs in my first 2 weeks, which is fab cos for the first week I was staying with friends, the very hardest place to diet because you haven't got any control over the food or the way it is cooked. After 2 weeks I'm pretty much into the routine and last night, met a friend, early evening, and didn't even think of eating until I got back just after 10 - that is good for me!! If you struggle to lose weight, I can really recommend slimming world, the diet is really just healthy eating, I don't know how it works because you can eat so much but you need never feel hungry. Also they never push a goal weight on you, it is entirely up to you and you can set as many interim goals as you want, so that you feel you are achieving and don't lose heart because you have so much to lose!! So there's my plug for Slimming World!!

Tomorrow, I have my interview for college and my diploma course next year and I think I might try and make a skirt for that, the fabric is pressed and waiting on the dining room table and if I get on with it I could still manage it!! I plan to take part in self stitched september, with so zo and 130 others but the whole losing weight thing is slowing me down, and I want to get some stuff made in advance, but I'm ever hopeful I will be smaller by then, not much I know but a bit!!

I also wanted to thank all of you who have clicked to be followers of this blog, I don't know why but it gives me a real buzz that you check in now again to read my rambly thoughts and see my makes. I haven't tracked down all of your blogs yet but I will if you have one and see what you are up to. This ole web thing is fab for getting like minded people together and I have found so many new ideas and seen such fantastically creative stuff that I would never have known about, so thanks to one and all for letting others have a peek at your worlds!!