Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Is it nearly Spring

Well I think it must nearly be spring, the calendar sys it is and last week the weather agreed but the weekend and so far this week have been so chilly again!! I did manage a lovely walk in the woods with the doggins this morning. I love this particular walk and it is lovely in all seasons, magical in the snow but it also gets very muddy so I have not been there for a while. Mud is ok but three muddy dogs make a walk last all morning by the time they are all cleaned!! Today it was sunny and I could hear several woodpeckers, were they chatting to each other, or maybe it was one woodpecker going from tree to tree! I'm not really that much of a nature person so I don't know what woodpecker calling habits are but today it just added to the peace of me and the doggins wandering through the trees. My other reason for liking these woods is that I don't get lost in them, which is a huge plus as I have very little sense of direction and have been lost in a wood on a regular basis since I was about 3!! and that was a fair few decades ago!!

Well sewing and knitting, what has been happening? I haven't really done much sewing, lots of plans but also lots of excuses, I keep reading about everyone else's creations, especially in the latest MMM extravaganza and I do take my hat off to all the participants, I have seen some truly inspiring outfits but somehow even that has not driven me to get the machine out.

I have been knitting, socks for the tune-king and for our daughter and a lace shawl that needs to be blocked, when I remember to order blocking wires!! I am now in the middle of Hooray Cardi from 100% rain, which gets my vote for the best knitting patterns at the moment. I have bought a few of them but I want to make all of them. If you haven't seen this site go and have a gander and I guarantee you will be drooling over the lovely designs.

Well its late and I'm whibbling so I'm off to sleep now.