Sunday, 21 March 2010

Good weekend

I've had a great weekend. It started on Friday evening by going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. It was fab, I loved the costumes and Johnny Depp does it for me however you dress him up. (I wasn't keen on Willy Wonka). Saturday I cleared up the corner of my bedroom which has been gathering junk and dust for too long, in preparation for moving a table in there and making it a sewing corner. Then I can clear the dining room of all my sewing gear. However, I needed some muscles to help with the furniture removal, so I moved downstairs to the dining room and the sewing machine. I cut out some jamas for my son's girlfriend's birthday present.

Have any of you got overlockers? Well I invested in one a few years ago and when it works its fab but when the threading goes wrong it is a nightmare!! This always,always happens when I'm in a rush! And one thing that never works is trying to rush threading an overlocker!! So when this happened a few weeks ago, I just abandoned it and have been using the zigzag stitch on my regular machine. But the jamas have a jersey top so would be better overlocked and a friend had asked me to take up some trews and the overlocker makes the edge much nicer. So Saturday, I decided to sit calmly and thread the wretched thing and not plan to use it straightaway, well blow me down but it worked first time, did you hear that first time!! So the key to sorting overlockers is to do it when you don't want to use it!!

The rest of my weekend was spent finishing a little red cardi for Pixie who I met last week! I also completed the jamas and took up the trews!! So a very productive and satisfying weekend. I even sneaked in a bit of refashioning!!

I'll post pics of stuff tomorrow, but I'm off to cast on some socks now, Gentlemans socks by Designedly Kristi.


  1. Hello, I have an overlocker which does the same perfectly well normally but as soon as I wants something doing quickly -pooof!!! Thread breaks or it starts skipping... bloody things are out to get us :)

  2. I just bought an overlocker. I spent 4 hours trying to get it to work on the first day. I was so frustrated I swore I would return it to the store.
    Next day 15 minutes and I had it figured out. argh!
    Working great now, thankfully.