Friday, 26 March 2010

Mac is a disaster but other things not!!!

Well I finally got round to refashioning the first mac!! It was an old lady's baggy shapeless nylon mac. I thought that if I made it into a shorter more fitted version it would like having a usable toile but I do try and ride my bike quite a lot so would be useful to wear on that.

It did start well, I used my overlocker for most of it, it was double breasted so that gave me a bit of fabric to play with. I kept the pockets and the button holes and the collar, but recut the main pieces around those constraints. I did take the collar off and put it back on the new fronts and back.

So far so good, the fit was ok and whilst it was never going to be high fashion it was still a nylon mac after all, it did look as though it might be useful. Then I got careless and didn't measure the new sleeves and they are miles too tight!! Pants!!! This has made the bust line pull as well, as you can see!

And it is very uncomfortable!! I have no material left that can make any difference to this so there is no way to rescue it!! But I shall probably use it to line make-up bags or washbags so it won't go to waste. I've also learnt to be more careful and I have another mac that I want to change so I will measure the sleeves more carefully on that one. I do have a different pattern that I might try for that one as it is a better quality fabric and I want to make it knee length if I can, anyway I'll have another go this weekend and see how that one turns out! Watch this space.

These are the other things that I have finished recently, my olympic cardi,

I'm pleased with this, it fits reasonably well and although it is only 4ply, an old Rowan 4-ply, Botany wool I think, because it's all wool its very warm but not itchy so is useful over short sleeve stuff. This suits me well as at my age, the old thermostat has a mind of its own!!

These are my skew socks. this is the back view and it does make a good use of the patterned yarn, you end up grafting stitches for the heel parallel to the floor and I must say they look pretty odd as you are making them up! However, they are a nice snug fit but mine are a bit tight to get over the heel!! I knitted them on 2.00mm needle as I didn't have a 2.25mm but I have had a trip to Iknit since making these and now have a 2.25mm Addi lace needle. I'm a great fan of knitting socks on a circular needle using the magic loop method. I have never attempted to knit both socks at the same time so I still get a touch of 2nd sock syndrome but I can overcome that fairly easily if I like the sock pattern I'm using!!.

Well I'm off to my newly formed knitting group now, there are just 5 of us but if any one out there is in the Stourbridge area and would like to join us for coffee, chat and knitting drop me an email. See ya later!!

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