Sunday, 7 March 2010

A walk in the Park

So this past week I have been putting off revising!! I seem to have regressed to being that girl who didn't want to look at her books before her Alevels!! Trouble is now I know I can't wing it, and my memory is not what it was so it needs more exercise!!

So this is what I made on Friday to avoid the books, it is a birthday present for a friend and I handed it over Saturday and she was delighted. I used a pattern from 1 metre book (see previous posts) , which has good ideas but this time the measurements did not seem to work so although my bag looks like the one in the book, I have used my own measurements.

I managed to get down to the revision, yesterday morning and worked most of the day and again today. However, it was the most glorious day, blue skies and warmish for March, so the tune-king and I strolled around the park with our two dogs and most of the local population.

He is looking a bit grumpy, partly cos of the sun but mostly because he has a rotten cold and would like to tramp the hills in such beautiful weather but he wasn't really up to a long walk!!
So we made do with half-hour round the park, then I returned to the delights of Piaget, Erikson and other stars of the human development world!!

Just two more days to go then the exam on wednesday and then 4 weeks off college, I have great plans for sewing, knitting and sorting my college work out so that I'm not rushing to revise in May!! I do have some secret knitting to finish for Thursday, the tune-king's birthday, so that will need to be fitted around the study!!

The knitting olympics cardi is not being forgotten I have finished 2nd sleeve and done the neckband so just button band and finding right buttons to go!! I also have some nice poplin that would go with it and I want to make a dress as we have been invited to a silver wedding party in early april and I have an idea what to make for that, but again it may have to stay secret for a while!!

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