Monday, 15 March 2010

Birthday socks!!

So here are the tune-king's birthday socks. He loves them, no tight cuffs or ankle squeezes, as we have had with past socks. Stretchy but no bagginess, basically a success from his point of view. I like knitting them the 4 row pattern was easy to remember and the measurements were on row count, so I stood a reasonable chance of getting 2 matching socks, I have a terrible tendency to stretch the 2nd, sock (or sleeve) to make it fit!! Definitely a pattern I will use again and recommend to beginner sock knitters. Its on ravelry and is called Harris Tweed socks by Ali Green.

I have had a pretty productive weekend knitting wise, I've finished my 1st Skew sock, another ravelry pattern. It looks very odd as you make it and has kept the tune-king and our lodger amused as they didn't believe it could be a sock!! And I've finally sewed buttons on the olympic cardi and its blocking as we speak, so photos of that later in the week.

Yesterday was Mothers Day here, sorry for any panic I caused in my last post for those of you not in the UK!! I had a lovely day, even though I didn't see my beauties. I got a huge bunch of flowers, and my lovely boy has tried to ring and I keep missing him, so my fault.
Then ITV 3 put on a programme specially for Mothers Day, which was fantastic, it started with Pollyanna, the Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden. I missed City of Angels but watched Housewife 49 with Victoria Wood, about a wartime housewife in Barrow who wrote diaries for the Mass Observation Project. I felt for her so much, she was obviously depressed but didn't get much help, her husband did love her in his way but he was particularly non communicative and a bit miserable to be honest!! It made me think a bit cos I've felt a bit like she did, lately, and I have to say my tune-king struggles to understand but he is there for me and I'm not sure what I'd do without him!!

I also met a new addition, Pixie Belle, who is nearly 3 months old and she is absolutely adorable, even though I seemed to make her cry!! Some babies are so pretty and like miniature people and she is one of those, I just wanted to sit and hug her and whisper sweet nothings to her!! Sadly I forgot to take my camera and so no pics but if you go to her parents blog, I'm sure there will be pics!!

I had a wonderful roast dinner cooked for me and the messy washing up done, so all in all it was a day of laziness and pampering.

I hope you other mums out there were treated well too, back soon!!

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