Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Age and losing weight!

So I've been thinking lately about age, mine in particular I guess. I hit 50 a few years ago and I have always said how much I love it, I feel released to be me!! I have never thought of it as old and I still don't really, in side I'm still about 22 but much battier, which I also like, my ambition has always been to be a bit eccentric!! This last birthday I decided for health reasons as much as any other that I must loose some excess weight, about 4 st (56lbs) and I have given myself a time limit of next birthday, which co-incides well with a wedding I have been invited to! I have lost 12lbs, which is too much to waste but not enough to notice to anyone else. Now I'm stuck, can't seem to get my brain back in the Zone.

Anyway there is a link between these two things and I'm not just rambling!! Part of my trouble in getting back into the Zone is that I'm realising I'm too old for some of the things, I think I would wear if I was thin enough!! Which just goes to show that we kid ourselves it's about health but really it is about looks!! Most of the fashion blogs I look at, are by bright young things and they look so amazing. I love the vintage look, especially the 40s, but I can't wear too much of it, cos I would just look frumpy, especially when I am still tubby.

Well maybe what I need and maybe some of you out there too (please I'm not the only one am I?) is a blog for a bright, slightly batty, old things!! I have a deep fear of catalogues for 5o+ ladies!! Many years ago a friend and I had a pact to shoot one another if we ever had a page boy bob (a deeply frumpy hairstyle in the days when we had big, permed, shaggy cuts!!) and I extend that deal to all of you out there, please, please shoot me if I ever buy or make any remotely 50+ outfit.

So I think I will make it my ambition for this next year to continue, eating healthily and getting some daily exercise and making and wearing stuff that I feel is me. I think I need a change of hair colour - that or a new bag usually helps pick me up!! I had a new bag a couple of weeks ago and I still love it so its the hair that must change. I've not been blonde for a long time, hmm, that's an idea!!

One last question, why do things that don't weigh very much like chocolate, weigh so much more on your hips once you've eaten it?!?


  1. Hey, you changed your blog :D

    Great job on losing weight. I find that when I plateau on the weight loss thing (I get HUGE when I have babies) that weight watchers is pretty awesome.

    I think fashion is very age consious, but style is for us all. I hate fashionable clothing. I much prefer hippy, comfy and pretty. I love this blog http://sewingwithtrudy.blogspot.com she is very elegant and stylish and I have used a few of her tips which I had never thought about before...like don't wear tight fitting clothing on both the top and the bottom, although the way she talks about it is far more elequent.

    Steph x

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I have 7 more weeks before I turn the big 5-0 and I have some of the same fashion questions you mention here. I also am trying to drop some weight, I have about 25lbs that really needs to find another home. But even as I lose weight, I'm not going to be wearing mini's or skinny jeans with midrif-bearing tops. But neither do I want to look frumpy. I like having fun with fashion, love creating my own clothes, knitting, crocheting, re-fashioning. If you find that perfect bog for us slightly batty old-things, I'm interested, too!

  3. Ok, I'm seeing all the typo's in my previous comment, rats. I'm talking about midriff-baring tops, and blogs not bogs, sorry.

  4. Your blog is looking pretty funky :)

  5. I so agree with you about the weight thing - and have joined weight watchers, which is fab, and easy to do. Good luck with it and Great Blog!