Thursday, 11 March 2010

Exam is over

So at last I can return to my normal age and stop that whole regression to a 17 year old who doesn't want to do her revision!! I did finally learn some stuff and managed to keep writing for the time of the exam but whether I splurged all I could remember onto the paper or actually answered the questions, I can't be sure!! The exams I'm doing are for a Counselling Certificate and that first sentence makes me think there are a bunch of sessions just in that let alone me offering couselling to any unwitting body!!

So today is the tune-king's birthday and I had to wrap his socks with an IOU for 1 toe but I finished them first thing after he unwrapped them so not too late!! I'm now just doing the button band on the olympic cardi, then it needs to be blocked and I will be ready for new projects!!

Now blocking, I never used to do it all as I was so frightened of wrecking my knitting completely, but I have discovered that it really improves the look of many finished items, especially if they are 100% wool. However, I'm still a little scared of it, I'm ok with scarves and things cos if they go a bit floppy that just adds to the drapiness. I never block socks and don't really feel they need it. However, this four ply cardi definitely looks like it might need something, if only to make the very narrow button bands sit flat. I can't decide whether to wash properly or just dampen it or maybe just pin in place and lightly steam!

I'm printing a sock pattern, Skew, which are kind of twisted round the leg and I was inspired to them by Lixie on lixieknitsit, I think I will do it in a purple mix, it probably would look better in a more stripey yarn but I don't have enough of anything else!! The second pattern I want to do is Knotty, a pair of gloves. I first saw this pattern on janesprobablyknitting and I have a lovely yellow yarn that I think I will use. I'm not a big wearer of yellow but for some reason, I really fancy this yarn and as I have navy and brown coats it will look good with both!! Both patterns are available on Ravelry

I shall be going back to refashioning my macs and I need to make jamas for my son's girlfriend this weekend so I have plenty to do and will be posting pics very soon!!

On the more boring side of life, I have an ironing pile worthy of the guiness book of records so I'm going to attempt to knock that down over the Easter hols. I think it will need a few dvds to help that medecine to be swallowed, but hey its Mothers Day on Sunday so you can but hope!!


  1. Oh my goodness, when I read "it's mother's day on Sunday" I got really scared, then realized it's not, here. haha

    p.s. thanks for following my blog!