Thursday, 25 February 2010

why the silence?

Well I hate it when I'm nosing in on people's lives through their blog and they go silent, so my silence has been because my computer is very poorly, but I have a friendly techy dr so hopefully we will be reunited and working again very soon! Meanwhile I'm using my daughter's laptop so no photos or anything pretty today!!

I have been knitting away on my olympic project, but I don't think I'm going to get it finished! But that's ok because I will have finished the back,fronts and have started first sleeve and I wouldn't have got this far without the challenge so yay no gold medal but its the taking part that counts!! Isn't it??

I'm away this weekend on a study weekend for the counselling course I'm doing. I have a skills assessment on Friday and I seem to get a total mental block when I ask the questions, I have a special talent for closed questions, which is exactly the opposite of what is needed!! I guess practise is what I need at least this is role play and not a real vulnerable person whose head I'm messing with! so all that means no sewing, and when I get home I have 10 days to revise for an exam!! So that should mean no sewing as well!! But I have been given 2 lightweight macs, which at the moment are rather voluminous and old lady style, so I'm taking them apart and recutting to something more stylish and wearable, cos they could be really useful on my bike!! For one I'm going to use a pattern from last winter's Ottobre magazine, it will work as a toile that I can use - if it works that is!!

So I'll be posting some pix and details next week when I'm home and got my laptop back and well.


  1. Hi there, I just wanted to say Good Luck with the course and exams.

  2. I look forward to seeing the restyled macs - make sure you do "before and after" shots!