Thursday, 11 February 2010

Knitting olympics

If you have never heard of knitting olympics, go straight to She has thought up the concept and you can register your project there and then claim your gold medal but only if you finish before the flame goes out on 28th Feb. The event co-incides with the winter olympics, which I have to say I may not be watching much, I do like a bit of skating but I'm not really a sporty kind of gal!!

Anyway here is my project that will be my event!! It is Sirdar 9236 and although not a difficult pattern it is a 4 ply pattern done on very little needles!! So it will be quite a challenge to finish in time!!

Below is a detail of the lacy hemline so there is a bit that will need to be watched as I go!!

And here is the yarn I will use.

So I'm already to cast on tomorrow, I'm not sure what time the ceremony starts English time, so I need to check that!! Anyway why don't you have a go and take part, you never know you may surprise yourself. I'll keep you up to date on my progress.

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