Sunday, 14 February 2010

Some pressies for a new baby

So these are the pressies I have made for Pixie Belle,whom I haven't met yet but she is now nearly 2 months old so it is time I sent them to her!!

There is a feely quilt, I have used smooth cotton for the front and brushed cotton for the back, and a cotton wadding in the middle of the sandwich. There is some bubble wrap enclosed in one corner and this makes a scrunchy sound, and I have attached different textured ribbon/fabric loops on the edge. I also stitched a some ric-rac, cord and braid across the width for a different feel!!

Here are the bootees, they are made of the same smooth cotton and lined with soft brushed cotton, I got the pattern for these from, 101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre: Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Metre of Fabric!

The pattern was good but the instructions to put the sole, top and back together was a little unclear. I also got the idea for the quilt from there but changed it a little to suit my purposes and fabrics!!

And this is the bag for them all to go in to given to Pixie and her Mum!!

I'm really fed up these days with the amount of paper and packaging we waste and throw out and dump in a landfill site. So I never buy wrapping paper or those fancy gift bags anymore. I use old magazines or newspapers for wrapping and then real ribbons to tie round for decoration. I'm often asked if I want the ribbon back and I always say yes so that it can be recycled!! In fact, my daughter quite enjoys getting a bit of ribbon she has had before! And instead of the fancy bags, I make a bag in fabric, even a lined one can be made in an hour and at least that can be used again and again by the recipient!!

The sew a metre book is worth having as its full of ideas and as I'm a great collector of old shirts, I can usually find enough to make up the projects!! I've just checked amazon for this book and it says its on pre-order but I got my copy for my birthday last month so you should be able to get one!!

I must go now and continue my knitting olympics event (see last post). I've done about 1 inch! I must get on with it or I'll be hardly out of the blocks and that won't get me a medal!!



  1. Hello and welcome to blogland! I love what you've done with this gorgeous fabric. This must be a very special little baby.

  2. Love those booties.
    I do the same as you for gift wrap, it's such a waste otherwise and real ribbons are lovely

  3. Welcome to blogland! Looking forward to seeing your knitting!