Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MMM again!! A good day

No pics today, mainly because it would be a bit boring, I got up late and dressed in a hurry so just grabbed my jersey dress from the other day. It is sooo easy to wear that it is often a first choice!!

My day today has been really good, I know I have mentioned before that I have been going through a bit of a time of depression over the last few months, well I finally feel that I am coming out of it and beginning to be pleased that I'm still part of this world!! Today was a really good day, I started the day praying with a group of friends. It has been a while since that has brought me any deep joy but today it was great, I always know God is there and on my side but sometimes it is more of a head thing than a heart thing. Today the whole body joined in yay!!

Then I saw my counsellor and that was really encouraging, I'm really seeing how the process is working for me and believing in it even more. It is a requirement of the course I'm doing, that we have 10 sessions of counselling and it is really helpful to be the client and experience the process. It makes all the learning to be the counsellor make sense!!

Then this evening I met with 3 others in a local pub, they had asked me to teach them to knit so we decided to meet there and make it a social evening as well. The barmaid came up and asked if we met regularly and could she join us? So first meeting and we are growing already!! All 3 of my friends succcessfully knitted for the evening, although it may not have been as chatty as they thought it would be, as there was some deep concentration going on!!

I hope all you guys out there had a good day too, I've had so many dreary days that I had forgotten what fun it is to have day like today!! I'd like to sing a little song to celebrate, so I'll potter off and do that and you can be glad you can't hear me cos even cats sound better than me!!


  1. Oh, marvelous! Knitting barmaids! Lookit you, spinning up a community out of nothing. So cool!

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better! Depression is such a difficult thing to deal with. Have fun with your new knitters club!

  3. Hello! It's me again! I'm giving you the sweet blogger award! Details will be on my blog shortly!

  4. Hi Its Sara

    What a lovely blog and showing off all your lovely craftiness. Let me know when you meet again and I will try to come (if you want me!).
    My email at work is accounts@gjnsupplies.co.uk
    See you soon