Monday, 10 May 2010

Me-Made-May 7 & 8

Well I am trying with MMM but I'm failing a bit on the documentation front!! I have a couple of days to show you now but yesterday I completely forgot to photograph the outfit!! However, I have asked my husband to take my pic so often in the last week that if he asked if I was selling myself on the internet rather than bags!! I think it would have to be piecemeal, not sure whole package is worth much and the postage would be astronomical!!!

Anyway here are day 7 and 8

Actually it is day 8 then day 7 on far right!! I'm sorry day 7 is a bit dark and I look a bit scruffy, I just remembered to take the pic before going to bed!! I'm wearing a jersey dress, which has to be my best make of the year, I have worn it loads, its very comfy and washes like a dream, no ironing and doesn't crease when it is folded up in a suitcase!! I'm also wearing a hand knit cardi over the top, it may be May but it has been very chilly here!! This cardi is a bit of a cheat as I didn't knit it, friend did!!

Day 8 I'm wearing jeans and t-shirt not MMM but the tunic top, scarf and earrings are all my own work. The fabric is an old Rowan quilting cotton from my stash, it was one of the first KaffeFasset designs that they did and to be honest it wasn't great quality so I never used it for quilting but I like it for this tunic top. The scarf is a free pattern from Noro, that takes one skein of sock yarn and is very quick and easy to do, I got the pattern from the shop where I bought the wool so I haven't got a link but if anyone is interested let me know and I'll hunt it out.

The patterns I used were New look 6722 for the dress and Simplicity 3867 for the tunic top. I can't seem to get pics of them onto the blog but there is a link to the New Look one!! Technology beats me again!!

I have 2 knitting things on the go, Ysolda's Leisl Cardi, which I'm knitting in Sirdar Denim, chunky in a purple marl mix, and a bag by Claire Crompton which I got at Wonderwool. Its made of squares but you knit them together as you go so no painful sewing up!!

I must go and get on with some revision as I have a big assessment this weekend for the end of my Counselling Certificate!!


  1. Hi there! Don't worry about posting your mmm pics, you are doing alot better than I am! I've only been able to post a couple of them. I have been sticking to the 'pledge' and only wearing me-made, I'm just not good at documenting it! Good luck with your assessment!

  2. I am impressed by your documentation and your sewing! I want to make that cardigan too!

  3. I was unclear, as usual. I also want to make the Leisl cardigan, It's been in my "que" for awhile now. The lovely cardigan you are wearing looks to be a bit beyond my patience level ; )