Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I can't stop coughing

Sorry guys, I haven't sorted my passing on of the sweet blogger award, I've had a rotten cold which as usual has resulted in a cough that won't stop or go away!! I'm also trying to revis for my exams next week and the week after in between coughing bouts!! Today I've hardly done anything as I kept falling asleep! Well My Mum used to say sleep is the best healer so hopefully I will feel better for my drive to college tomorrow and last lectures before the exams.

I have been really bad at the MMM lark since I've felt so rough but I have been wearing MMM over the weekend but forgot to take pics!! some of the outfits were repeats in different combos so not that interesting anyway. However I did wear the first dress I made from a duvet cover, I had forgotten what a flattering pattern it is for me and as I remember quite quick and easy to put together, I have 2 curtain lengths that would suit but I think they need bleaching to fade them out a bit before wearing. I haven't ever tried this technique so I think a little experimenting needs to take place this weekend. then some stitching but it may have to wait for completion until after 9th June, when I'll be free for the summer!!


  1. Hi there! Sorry to hear you haven't been well. I hope your cough clears soon, you have a busy time ahead of you! I have failed miserably with me-made-may. I have honestly been wearing me-made,(that is pretty much all I own) but it is taking pics that is a problem!

  2. HI!

    So sorry to hear you've been ill, and out of action. You have absolutely no reason to feel bad however regarding any disrupted participation in Me-Made-May! Any partication that you've made is fantastic, and it's been so lovely having you contribute to the flickr group as and when you are able. You should feel really pleased with yourself and the extra handmade clothes wearing and making that you have done as a result of the challenge, a success by anyones estimations! The challenge was never meant to be some rigid 'do it this way or fail' doctrine, like sewing itself, it was always meant to be an organic thing that will evolve in different ways for different people. Yours just evolved in a way you hadn't predicted! I really wish you all the best and please keep an eye out for a new challenge coming up to be announced very soon.

    Zoe xxx