Tuesday, 4 May 2010


So I'm getting into the swing of MMM, I have managed to wear stuff made by me for 2 days and I've photographed it and added it to the others on the Me-Made-May flickr group, check that link to see all the great creations people are making and wearing from all over the world. Ain't the tinternet a wonderful thing?!?

Any way here is my Day 3 outfit, I refashioned the pinafore, knitted the top and the bag is made from leftover denim and a curtain remnant! I haven't made all new for this venture but I'm trying to wear only my makes for this month, although I will be making some new outfits!!

This is Day 4 outfit, the jeans are not made by me, but the tunic top, knitted top and jacket have all been crafted by my fair hands!! I have even made the necklace and earrings to make up for the jeans!!

I'm also putting together some bags and purses to sell on Folksy, as soon as the page is ready I'll be posting the details.

I hope you enjoy looking at the other MMM creations on flickr.

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  1. yay for me-made may! It's definitely a challenge, but I'm enjoying it! So Zo's so amazing to be wearing all handmade every day, I'm just going for one item a day.

    as for tattoos, my mom got her first before I did! She was 50 at the time. Never to late to try new things ;]

    p.s. I'm jealous of those belt buckles you found!