Thursday, 6 May 2010

At Last My Folksy Shop

At long, long last after much talking and little doing I have set up my folksy shop, and there's a link on my sidebar. As usual I'm battling the techy elements of this and have yet to get the folksy logo on the sidebar and the banner on my shop is eye catchingly bright pink but needs more oomph but that is much harder for me than making bags to sell. So I have enlisted help and hopefully will be sorted soon. There is a small selection of the stuff I make, some knitted and some sewn but their are loads more in the pipeline we occasionally refer to as my brain!!

On the MMM front, I'm afraid I have not got dressed last 2 days as I have a sick bug, and none of us want to see what I'm wearing as I sit in bed typing this!! I have slept 18 of last 24 hours on and off and this morning decided to risk brekkie, big mistake, now trying to keep very still!! "That's quite enough information", says the more sensitive side of my brain!!

1 comment:

  1. Get well soon!!!!! Me-Made-May misses you! x