Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Week 2

Week two started last saturday, with a ride to Stratford So all packed and ready for the off, the sky was grey but it was dry so I packed my waterproof but didn't wear it! Just lately this is an event in itself!! I started my ride by going to Chaddesley Corbett, a pretty village with a great teashop, where they make the most magnificent scones and the best poached eggs on toast that I have ever tasted!! However, I'm attempting to stick to a diet so I resisted, which as you will discover is a major achievement in itself!! This village and those close by are full of lovely chocolate box cottages like this one. My cycling is becoming more fun each time I go out, as my fitness increases I'm getting such a buzz when I can cycle up hills that had me feeling like a heart attack on legs only a little while ago! Please don't get any ideas about me being some great athlete, I do get up the hills but at speeds that I would be overtaken by the average jogger, and my bike computer can't always record the speed because I'm going so slowly!! I'm doing a 5 day ride from Newcastle to Edinburgh later in the year and that involves a section through the borders across The Moorfoot Hills, and the road is going uphill for 10 miles!!!! So every time I get up a hill I have that in mind. This next picture will give you some idea of the amount of rain we've had lately I had to cycle through it, I was slightly nervous, with my record for falling off as I was quite a long way from home and didn't fancy the rest of the day soaking wet. I got to Stratford in just under 4 hours cycling time and it was 42 miles so a good start for this weeks target. I didn't go out on Sunday but Monday I took the bike on the train to work and cycled home, so clocked up 10 miles. My family always laugh when work and I get into the same sentence, and I must admit this is one of the best jobs I have ever had, I teach knitting and they pay me! Most of the ladies in the group are good knitters so I really provide ideas and sometimes I teach them a trick or two and sometimes they teach me!! The challenge worked really well yesterday as I had lots of small jobs to do and I was out all afternoon, pre 100M/WC cycling would not have happened, but I got up early baked a cake, then went out on my bike and clocked up another 13 miles! Today I have had a short ride of 5 miles and it is lovely and sunny but sadly some time must be spent on the mundane, like food shopping, cooking etc. So I opted to go to a supermarket a few miles away and over a hill, which got the shopping done and I got some exercise. Back home and I made weight watcher jam, milk jellies both very good for my diet and then choc chip and nut cookies! We're visiting friends this evening and I will take the cookies there and no tasting before I go. Running total for the week is 70 miles and 2 days to go to do another 30 miles, hopefully the sun will be with us tomorrow as I plan to do a 35 mile ride, which goes up a very steep hill that shares properties with a cliff face! I've just checked this post on preview and for some reason blogger has ignored all the paragraphs and it is coming out in one lump, I do apologise for this and hopefully I will work out how to change that before the next post.

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