Friday, 8 June 2012

End of week one

The challenge to myself is working! This morning it was raining again and I had other stuff to do but was still a few miles short of the 100 mile target. Normally I would have thought oh we'll I'll miss today and do a longer ride tomorrow but then when tomorrow gets here resolve weakens! With the challenge in mind, and especially as I have made it public here and on Facebook, I had to be organised, so I was up early, sorted the dogs (they were off for a cut and blo-dry) and just after 9am me and my trusty bicycle were on the road! I did 13 miles, and that takes my total for the week to 104 miles. At least 60 of them were done in the rain! The weather tomorrow is looking better so I'm planning a long ride, from here to Stratford which is 45-50 miles, then the train back. I'll take the camera and try and remember to take pictures!

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