Thursday, 7 June 2012

The 100 mile per week cycle challenge

So I'm on the last few months countdown to Cycle India. I have done well so far in getting fitter and can now cycle further than I ever imagined I would. BUT I need to push myself a bit more so I have decided to challenge myself to ride a minimum of 100 miles per week. The distance is not really an issue, it's 5x 20 mile ride and that is well within my capabilities now, but the discipline of getting that often is what I need to do. I was really good at going 4 times a week when I first started but as I have been able to cope with longer rides I have not been that strict with myself and now I want to be! So this challenge needs some rules, though not too many because I'm not really a rule kind of person! 1. A minimum of 100 miles to be cycled each week. 2. The week starts on Saturday. 3. No carrying over miles to the next week, counter starts at zero every Saturday morning! That will do 3 is a good number! This week I have done 91 miles and 51 of those were done in the pouring rain, so you can see this is hard core stuff! Tomorrow is also forecast to be wet but I will get out there and do some more miles! Just to remind you all, I am 54 yrs old and about 3 1/2 stone overweight so if you are little Lycra whippet, this blog will not float your boat as they say! However, if, like me, middle age is approaching, let me encourage you it is possible to get fitter and enjoy it. In the process of doing this I have raised over £3000 for women v cancer, so it's a win win situation for everyone. I have enjoyed it so much that I'm planning to cycle Cuba in 2013!

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