Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I am revising really!!

I have been revising but I will be glad to be released from doing so after tomorrow!! I have just had a little flick through some blogs while I'm having lunch!! I have finally bought Bella trousers by Burdastyle, I have only used their free patterns so far but so many peeps have made bella trews and put pics on tinternet that I have decided to give it a go. I need a new trouser pattern and wide leg are the style that suits me best, mainly cos I have wide legs!! Now every one I see in theses trews looks very slim and talks about "have you lost weight?" type conversations when they wear them!! Now this could be cos they are slim and tall and gorgeous and some definitely are but maybe there are a few in there that are short and rounded like myself and these trews have a magic effect!! Well I have a piece of light purple gabardine that is begging to be a pair of trews and if that works I may make some kneeish length one for my hols cos its bound to rain and I don't want wet trouser legs flapping at the ankle!!

I have a good feeling here, this could the pattern to revolutionise my legs!! I'm off back to psychology and how it blends with the christian faith. See you soon, with pics of my bella trews and my wet daughter and tune-king as they trudge across Northern England in the rain!!

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