Thursday, 17 June 2010

Good Day for bargains!!

Today I visited a local town with a friend especially to check out a yarn shop but it was closed all day Thursday, however there are a good selection of charity shops. And more excitingly there are quite a few larger ladies that donate good stuff to them!! Usually the big sizes are ghastly nylon fabric and hideous styles!! Can anyone tell me why so many ladies with generous proportions want to wear those kind of fabrics!! Maybe I'm just being a natural fibre snob but they are so much more comfy even if the ironing is a pain!!

Anyway, I have been looking for a denim jacket for a while, just an ordinary one nothing too special but there are soo expensive!! Anyway today I found one that fitted perfectly for £3.99, perfect! Then I was on a roll, I bought curtains that will be enough to make a skirt, and a dress and probably even more, Sound of Music eat your heart out!! A brushed cotton bedsheet that will make great jamas for the winter, a pair of linen cropped trews, a stripey t-shirt and 2 books, Charlotte Gray and an autobiography of a midwife in 1950s in east end of London and they were a bogof!!! All for under a tenner, now you can't say fairer than that can you!! Much of it is in the wash as we speak (!) so pics will come later!!

Now we are going out for a pizza on a buy one get a 2nd for £1 offer, will the bargains never stop!! A group at church are running Alpha Course in Pizza Express so we are supporting that but we will also be celebrating cos my lovely handsome tune-king got a job today!!

Tomorrow I'll show some pics of their epic walk last week!! Toodle-oo!

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