Friday, 18 June 2010

The Epic Walk!!

So here are a few pix to show you how brave my lovely tune-king and our daughter are, they walked 100 from Keld to Robin Hood's Bay in the direst weather, that Yorkshire can offer at this time of year. Here they are at the start, weather was ok, not hot but cloudy, good walking weather, but that was not to last as you can see!!

Day 2 and the rain has started as they have left the b & b!!
And now the fog has fallen and that stream is the path!! This was day 2 still and there were no more views because the fog lasted until the last day when they could see the sea and the sun came out!

The sun is out and the end is in sight even if it is still about 4 miles away!!

They throw in their stones collected from St Bee's Head on the other side of England!
They both did really well, and carried on despite the horrid weather and aches and pains, they raised loads of dosh, about £800 between them and my husband tells me that our daughter did not moan once. She even confided that when they were in fog, high winds and rain on the moors, he did tell her, that he was glad she was with him and not me!! And I have to say he was dead right, I don't walk those kind of distances and if I did I think I would definitely be a fair weather walker!! Or a very miserable wet walker, and I'm not known for keeping my misery to myself!!

Thank you to anyone that sponsored them, the money will be put to good use this summer helping to bring a bit of joy into the lives of youngsters in Croatia and Bosnia.

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