Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Well I have been thinking through the implications of me-made-may, As usual I have decided to go for the whole hog before thinking things through properly!! Enthusiasm always wins over practicality with me!!

I have several dresses I could wear, a couple of pinafore dresses, and some tops, plus cardis and socks, but I haven't got any trousers that I have made at the moment. However, I have several pairs of trousers and jeans that are all fine, so I don't need to make any!! I'm really trying not to over buy/make stuff. My whole theory of refashioning and making is also about training myself to be content with enough and not excess.

So I have got enough made by me outfits to last a month with a bit of mix and match, but I know I will need to wear trousers at some point so I may have to say I will do made by me except trews!! I know this is probably splitting hairs and you probably don't need to be so involved in the cogs turning in my brain but I like to be fair about stuff and not cheat!!

I have also been thinking about the back-pack problem and have some ideas that involve an old suit, some shirts and jean offcuts!! Just trying to work out what I can do for the straps, and do they need to be adjustable!

Well I'm off to continue to think and will share any conclusions I come to in a day or so! Feel free to add your conclusions!


  1. I know what you mean... I find myself thinking 'hm what can I make now', instead of being lead by what I actually need :)

  2. I do the same thing!I always like to have something on the go. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I was starting to think I was talking to myself!