Friday, 9 April 2010

Parasol top and pin curls!!

So this is the parasol top that I made from the Cynthia Rowley
pattern, shown in a previous post. the fabric pattern doesn't show up on this photo, because it is a bit light. Sorry photography is not one of my skills or more to this point one of my husband's!! But it is a really pretty fabric with different colour parasols all over it, in lots of colours and although they are light they aren't as pastelly as it looks here!!

This is also a day old pincurls which have been refreshed with my straighteners!! I'm definitely a fan of pin curls, I'm not sure the back of my hair is quite long enough yet as it is very layered, but the front looked good yesterday when it was done. I'm afraid I have a rotten cold so wasn't really up to posting yesterday, I'm a bit surprised I managed to do the pincurl thing at all!!

Anyway I'm off to a party this weekend and I haven't even had to buy so much as a pair of stockings for it!! My outfit all comes from my wardrobe and that is quite an achievement especially as the dear old tune-king, offered to buy me a new dress!! I'm off to wonderwool in Wales in a couple of weeks and would rather spend there than buy a new dress that won't get many wearings!! Also I kinda like the feel that I had a hand in putting something together, I refashioned the skirt for Saturday from an evening dress I found in a charity shop!! So I would rather make something now than buy it anyway!!

This is the back of the parasol top and as you can see it gaps a bit, which I'm not going to do anything about for this top but next time I will change it. There are 2 ways I can do this, I can make 2 tiny darts in the pattern before cutting, on the neckline so taking in that fullness. I'm a little worried that if I do this it may be difficult to get on as its made from a stable fabric. Or I can cut the neckline a bit lower at the back, and again reduce the fullness. I only have enough fabric for a sleeveless version for the next one and I don't want the neck line to be too much bigger in case it keeps falling off my shoulders!! So have any of you got any ideas for me? It hardly seems noticeable in this picture but it feels like a big gap as I'm wearing the top!!

I have finished all my secret projects in plenty of time and will be handing them over this weekend so will post pics after that.

I have also started an Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket, and I'm faithfully following the instructions, but it definitely looks odd and even with the instructions and pictures I cannot for the life of me see how it will work so I will post details of that when I finish it. I was too lazy to do a tension square, and - I couldn't read the ball band, the writing was too, too tiny! I had spare balls of 4ply to use so I have done it in that and the tension seemed roughly right but if you fold it where I think you do it will fit a smallish baby doll!! Maybe I'll donate it to a premie unit!!

Are any of you involved in Wardrobe Refashion? I have been a great supporter and follower of it for a couple of years but sadly it is about to change, in a way that I probably won't be able to afford to join in anymore. But I want to thank Nikki, who started it all, for the hard work she has put in and for the intros the blog has given me to so many of you out there whom I follow avidly!! Nikki I wish you well for the future, I don't think you read this blog but I wanted to mention you anyway!!

I'm away now for a week but I will try and return with some pics and stuff to chat about, let's hope the sun stays shining here in Good Ole Blighty!!

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