Sunday, 18 April 2010

I'm home

Well I'm home from my wanderings. I had a pretty good time and I spent 4 days with my gorgeous daughter so that was great. It's now sunday afternoon and I'm feeling pretty lazy so I'm sitting in bed trawling through my fav blogs. I find its a bit like catching up with old friends without the emotional energy needed for that.

As you know I have been a great supporter of Wardrobe Refashion and all that it stands for, well now that it's changing and a new blog has started called The Thrifty Garde Robe and I've been checking posts on there and after a wander away from there, I found a blog called So, Zo and she is holding a, made-by-me-may. In March she pledged to wear only things she had made herself, except undies, tights and shoes and was so enthused she wants to do it again in May and has invited others to join her. You can do a lite version by wearing only 1 handmade thing a day, or just weekends or just 1 week of May. I'm going to try for the whole hog but for me it will include refashioned stuff as well as made from scratch.

On the way back from London we visited Bicester Village outlet shops. It was a lovely sunny day and so was very pleasant walking round, I did buy some shoes cos Clarke's were doing 3 for 2 and my daughter was buying a pair, they are a pair of red loafers, that are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I would never usually buy that style and I'm still not why I did, but they are comfy and I will wear them!!

We also went into several bag shops but didn't really see anything to die for, but I did find several in the Radley shop that were definitely worth hanging on the crook of your arm!! But I have a ton of bags and I can now resisit them fairly well. but I am looking for a back pack to use on my bike, as my normal bags don't fit in my basket and if I get shopping I need the basket for that, and lo! in Radley they had a nice soft cushiony back pack a bit like this, except the one at Bicester was purple!! It did have a 1/3 discount but still a lot of money for what will prove to be a whim!! So I need to make a backpack from all this ton of fabric I have lurking in every corner of my house!!

I handed over the secret projects at the weekend, they were socks for him and a shawl for her!! both were much appreciated but the socks were a little long so I had to alter them but that was a quick job and now fit perfectly, so Happy Anniversary Sara and Andrew.

This is the back of the shawl, it is a feather and fan pattern and the wool was called Silver streak, very apt for 25 years!! I cannot tell you how hard it is to find silver grey sock wool, or maybe I have had that particular moan!!

These are the socks, you'll notice they have one coloured toe! That was because I ran out of wool when I made them originally, however, when I made them smaller, the coloured toe was much admired so I had re-create it even though I did have enough original wool!!

And this is me with pin curls, I think it looked better in real life!! I would definitely do them again, I put the grips in to damp hair in the morning and took them out about 5 hours later and they lasted all evening and the next day!! I think they would have looked better on longer hair but that will have to wait!!

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  1. thank you for your lovely compliments on my blog :]

    Thank you for the link to So, Zo's blog, I will DEFINITELY have to check her out, sounds like a diy girl after my own heart.

    love love that shawl, too. I love shade of black, grey and white!