Saturday, 21 May 2011

New Challenge!! India here I come -on my bike!

Yes you read the heading right, I am going to ride a bike across Rajasthan, a distance of 350kms!! As a friend commented recently, 'If Janey decides to go on a bike she goes on a bike ride!' As you will know , I am constantly fighting the flab and trying to get fitter, which is a tricky thing as I love food and I'm not very keen on movement let alone exercise!! However, one of the things I have always enjoyed is riding my bike and so when I saw the advert for this ride in a magazine, I was quite excited.

Its a charity ride, Women V Cancer, and the money raised goes to support Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust, breast cancer care and Ovarian Cancer Action. Between there is a balance between care and research. The biggest challenge is I have to raise a minimum of £3000, but I have lots of ideas, inc a charity dinner and quiz nights, all of which will challenge my organising skills. I will be setting up a just giving page and I'll put the link on here. I have decided to make small bags and purses to sell, as ever I will use recycled materials so all the proceeds will be profit!!

So the training has begun, the bike has been renovated and serviced - just got to do the same for the body on the bike. Action for charity, the organisers, have sent a training programme and encourage us to include other aerobic and fitness training, so last night I went to Zumba. This is basically aerobics with a salsa/meringue/mambe/chachacha bias!! I didn't quite get all the moves but I did manage to move and be breathless for 1 hour so that must be good. I also rode my bike to and from the leisure centre. This morning I'm off to Pilates fitness I will being walking there as my daughter is coming and she is a bit nervous of bike riding!! I did offer her my electric bike but even that didn't tempt her. This has to be on top of regular dog walking so if I don't get superfit and thin doing all of this I guess I have to accept I'm not meant to be that.

I have been doing well on Slimming World since Oz, I have lost 6 lbs which is great but I think most of that is due to stopping my anti-depresssants quite quickly, I know you aren't meant to do it like that but I did and I'm ok so I'm not worrying!! I put 1/2 lb on this week which I didn't understand because I had been eating well and that really just made me want to eat more. I know this is a ridiculous reaction but I'm a girl who thrives on success, but so far I have curbed the worse tendencies in that direction, and only indulged in an ice cream and a bar of choc. So had my rebellion and back on track!!

Now about a month ago Roobeedoo tagged me so I must answer the questions.

1. what size shoe do you wear? if you wear a size 7, can i borrow your shoes?

I wear size 6 so if you can squeeze in Roobeedoo you are welcome, I spent years wearing size 5 because I didn't want big feet and always had blisters and sore feet!! How vain is that! Even today when I buy shoes the Tune-King asks what size I have got!

2. 30′s or 60′s? For style: the 30's every time. I love the flowing bias cut Vionnette (not sure spelling is right!) Age wise I'm not in my 60's yet but being 50 is the fabbest thing that has ever happened, very releasing. Being 30 was hideous, I felt so old and some one knicked my make-up bag from a changing room!!

3. have you ever kissed someone you shouldn’t have? Only, when he kissed me first!!

4. have you ever been poisoned? was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed? that is awesomely “knot’s landing.”Never been poisoned... except by a dodgy meal in a spanish bar! I had the squits for 2 weeks and lost a stone so there's always a payoff!!

5. who’s on your “celebrity free pass” list (top 5)? \this is a bit tricky, cos like roobeedoo I thought it was about inviting them to a party, then I googled it and realised it was a bit more intimate!! I have to say sleeping with anyone (other than the Tune-king) would seriously change my life and I don't really want to!! But if we stick to the dinner party theme this is my choice.

Fred Astaire

Johnny Depp

Julian Clarey

Paul Merton


I think that would mean I could have a dancing lesson, look at beautiful faces, have a laugh and be loved all around one dinner table. I also think there would be some good conversations going!! So who shall I tag?

Cpeezers at Home,

Did you make that?

Lixie makes it

Tilly and the Buttons

100% Rain

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