Sunday, 22 May 2011

Beautiful Shoes

We have been invited to a wedding next week and whilst I have been given a lovely Navy dress with big white polka dots I feel new shoes are probably necessary!! So off to Merry Hill (our local Mall) and I had just walked into the shops and I found the perfect pair!!

They fit perfectly and don't squish my toes at all so that was a done deal and I was on a roll!! Twenty minutes later and I also had a red cardi and navy fascinator to finish the outfit!

I do feel slightly guilty buying finished clothes, especially as I have already had a mad spend up in Oz!! I signed up to wardrobe refashion for life some years ago and I have stuck to it fairly well, until now. But these shoes and cardi will all go with a red fitted Mad Men type dress that I made last week so that has soothed my conscience a bit.

I have noticed a new me made coming up, Me-Made-June and I'm tempted to give it another go, except I have all these ready mades and had a good clear out and I don't need anything new!! Maybe I will have a Let's Sew June and make lots of items for sale to raise money for Women v Cancer.

I have also been catching up on blogs and noticed a trip to Goldhawk Road with Karen of didyoumakethat? She managed to get around 20 sewists bloggers together for a fabric shopping trip, I'm definitely jealous!! Go to her blog and check the fabric fandango post, looks like they had great fun. I enjoyed checking the other sewist blogs as well.

I need to go and rinse my roots before they rot!! I don't think it matters if hair dye is on an extra 10 mins does it?

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