Friday, 3 December 2010

Creative Juices are rising!!

Well I've spent a happy hour ordering fabric and related stuff on the net, so I'm planning a few weeks of happy sewing and creating!! I've been getting very fed up with myself lately I have a head full of things I want to do but can't seem to get my lazy butt up and into action!!

Today I have plans!! We have just had a new bathroom fitted and new Kitchen floor laid both beautiful but the process has left shovelfuls of dust!! So today I tackle it!! In doing that I will clear the dining room so I have space to sew again!! and we can sit at the table for our meals and we can invite friends to share our meals!!

I'm also very bored with the look of this blog, which is what puts me off doing much on it!! So this weekend after the big dust I'm going to have a play at that!! Look out a new me is on the way!! I've just christened myself Queen of Power only fair as my daughter thinks she is Princess of Power, anyone else remember She-Ra, she may have been Lion Cat's mate!!

Dusting here I come!!

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  1. I love making plans too?!
    My Xmas shopping / post has been somewhere beyond the snow for a week now - the postie hasn't tried to deliver anything in all that time. Very frustrating.
    Yes - it is the WW hat! More pictures will follow on my blog.